innovative entrepreneur in the vast world of mobile

In a few words

we are a start-up company mainly focusing on mobile innovation, social conception and backend designs. The main motivation keeping us excited and idealist is the presence of hidden gaps in the primal usage areas of mobile tech in daily life.


Think of a group of engineers who love coding, thinking up new ideas, producing new projects. Our work reflects the spirit of this love and passion.


One of the essential aspects of our work is to aim the higher quality even at short notice. We approach each project as a chance to enhance the level of our work quality.


We know that many hands make light work. That’s why we do not just develop and deliver the project, we use our passion and experience to raise the value of the product.


Feedbacks provide us the insight to be used to improve the product and the overall satisfaction. When utilised well, even the worst feedback comes in handy. This perspective encourages us to closely analyse any feedback.


The world is changing faster than we can imagine. So is the software industry. We are working hard to improve ourselves, not just to seize the moment but to take it a step further.


UX is not just the usability, it is the feeling given to the user by the hands of our design. How can we deny such a spirited statement? We team up with the best UX experts at every turn, for every project.



  • Native mobile applications
  • Software architecture
  • High user traffic & high availability & distributed systems
  • Telco & Retail & Media experience
  • Decision support systems & expert systems
  • Analytics & business intelligence & data mining



  • iOS, Android & Windows Phone
  • Java & .Net
  • Oracle & SQL Server & Mysql
  • MongoDB & Redis
  • NodeJS & AngularJS



  • Low level Tellcom APIs (base stations, signal, cell, data usage etc.)
  • Sensors (gyroscope, accelerometer, stepcounter etc.)
  • Custom video & music players
  • Location services
  • In-app purchases, payment gateway integrations
  • Background services
  • Analytics

Our Team

  • Testimonial

    Mahir Tarlan

    Founder, CEO

    About Mahir Tarlan

    When he was a teenager, he used to stare at the computer screen daydreaming about weeks-long seafaring and discovering the vast unknowns of the Earth. Back then, he had no idea what it is like to be a coder. Now the only thing he does is to code and code during the day and toss and turn thinking what will be the next big thing, at night. He has a great interest in improving his knowledge on mobile world and entrepreneurship.

  • Testimonial

    Uğur Tılıkoğlu

    Co-founder, CTO

    About Uğur Tılıkoğlu

    He is not only the .Net and Android guru of our team, but also the unbeatable champion of the video games. He has a great insight into the unknown tunnels of the future of computer tech, which he uses to determine new innovative visions for the company. Sleep is not in his vocabulary, instead he pushes hard to improve himself and to grasp the emerging technologies.

  • Testimonial

    Mürşid Yazar

    Android Developer

    About Mürşid Yazar

    Another Java specialist cat-person of our team. When he is focused on his work, he makes us feel as if he has the strength of ten tigers. Unlike Popeye, his cartoon hero, he doesn’t need spinach to show his posthuman skills. No doubt that his morally justified character will light his way to higher success and his deep perception capacity will be his companion. He is the man of many talents, and just like all the other team members he loves soccer.

  • Testimonial

    Barış Kantar

    Java Developer

    About Barış Kantar

    Any kind of service development is a piece of cake for him. Java, no problem. NodeJS, still easy task. But when it comes to taking sides, he is the Road Runner supporter, rather than a Coyote fanatic. He loves Java, but this love does not keep him from discovering and training new talents in football manager game. One day his talent and work ethics will lead him to great success. Years from now, we can imagine him riding a horse in the beaches of Rio, aaand still coding.

  • Testimonial

    Gürhan Kodalak

    iOS Developer

    About Gürhan Kodalak

    He is a C-loving Superman in the vast world of iOS, who believes that love will save the humanity. We don’t know if love will be the world saviour, but we are pretty sure that Gurhan is and will be our saviour in many extensive iOS projects. He has a passion for brand new ideas, new technologies, that’s how he became our Swift expert in such a short notice.

  • Testimonial

    Gökhan Ünal

    Android Developer

    About Gökhan Ünal

    He is definitely a hard-working, devoted, success-oriented Java enthusiast. But is that all? Of course not, under his serious stance and tough look, a young tech geek, a Batman fanboy, awaits impatiently to be challenged for a CoD game. Sometimes he mutters to himself, asks himself “Why so serious?”, wishes to leave bag and baggage for globetrotting, starting by Bosnia, but then he calms down and continues coding Java. He is a cat-person after all. We are very proud to have him in our team.

  • Testimonial

    Yusuf Demirci

    iOS Developer

    About Yusuf Demirci

    One of the youngest astronauts of our team. Being a former Android coder, he is seeking the meaning of life between the lines of Swift codes. Day by day, his knowhow on iOS world is expanding in parallel with his talents at Football Manager game. Being both a cat and a dog person, he likes living life in the fast lane, and, did we mention that he is capable of coding both IOS and Android. Well, what a coincidence.

  • Testimonial

    Esra Oguz

    Android Developer

    About Esra Oguz

    Another young Java learner of our team. Her motto is always try to go in the right direction, and never fall for faddish efforts. This perspective supports her on her journey to a better being. One day in the not-so-distant future, we hope to see her riding her bike in the narrow streets of Rome, with her heavy-with-code laptop in her backpack. 

  • Testimonial

    Seyma Yeter

    iOS Developer

    About Seyma Yeter

    Another Bosnia lover of our team. Despite being a Java fancier, she works intensively to grasp the essentials of iOS world. She believes every single being on Earth has a purpose of life and one should chase around after this purpose. Who knows maybe being a skilled Swift developer is her purpose of life. 

  • Testimonial

    Ayşegül Avcu

    UI/UX Designer

    About Ayşegül Avcu

    Having a long list of work portfolio, Ayşegül, is the fresh blood in our team. Successfully producing powerful designs is one thing, but to create imaginative and innovative ideas, one must be committed to this job with passion. That’s what Ayşegül does. We are proud to have such a talent in our team.

  • Testimonial

    Highly satisfied with the throughput

    Efgan Selcuk, CTO, Tikle

    We had a chance to work with iGones in couple of projects. We and our customers were highly satisfied with the throughput and the work ethics they put forth.

  • Testimonial

    High Quality Work

    Sinan Konya, CEO, RDC

    iGones, being our solution partner, helped us successfully produce high quality mobile solutions with their vast knowhow and experience in the mobile world. They became the essential contributor to the customer satisfaction we achieved at several projects.

  • Testimonial

    Tight but Highly Successful Project Lifecycle

    Ali Erhan Tamer, CEO, Mobiggg, Botudio

    During the development and testing of Wemove, they worked very hard to make the project succeed. Not only they produced the demanded, but also they enriched the product by their positive feedbacks, innovative insights and mobile experience. We were highly satisfied with the work they delivered.

Mobile Applications 65%

Back-End Development 30%
SEO Services 5%

Repeat Customers
Referral Work


We have years of experience providing top notch brand development services to top quality companies.



















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